Prospect Lake’s mission is to create a small center committed to education, holistic healing, and the wholesome use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. We plan to educate and develop the coping skills of both our patients, and their family members, on the safe and proper use of medical marijuana.Prospect Lake is comprised of passionate individuals, scientists and business people, experienced in pain management and medical research, who seek to be active members of the community through social action and philanthropy.

Prospect Lake seeks to increase safety in the Berkshire community.  Through rigorous security protocols and rigorous staff training. Prospect Lake plans to decrease crime, as well as substance abuse in the Berkshire community.

Prospect Lake is dedicated to becoming a positive role model for medicinal cannabis, by providing a full service provisional health and wellness facility accommodating homeopathic antidotes and medical marijuana fully in accordance with Massachusetts’s law. In addition, Prospect Lake pledges the creation of jobs for the citizens of the Berkshires.

Prospect Lake’s vision is to use our senior staff’s expertise in pain management, and medical research, to create a small center devoted to research, treatment, and teaching.